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Comment Policy:

While I do love and encourage comments and conversations with other readers here or my social media. Your comment will be deleted and you be blocked. Eliminating your future interaction with my account. Including the community, future contests and giveaways. 

Derogatory remarks towards myself and other readers/viewers. There are many ways to say you disagree with something or dislike something, and I encourage opinions on this blog (& my social media). If your tone is disrespectful, rude or considered harassment, your comment will not be approved. I do not tolerate any form of disrespect towards myself and other readers.
Yes, freedom of speech exists, but it does not give the permission to berate and plague other readers or content creators of this blog. I will not hesitate to protect myself and readers/viewers from unnecessary attacks. I don’t owe anyone freedom of speech on any of my social media or here on my blog. Don’t be THAT person.


As a blogger, I do receive free products. This includes directly from companies, PR samples, or event goody bags. I consider it my responsibility to disclose when I am sent products for free and conduct my opinions on them truthful and with integrity.

All opinions published on www.crystalemme.com are mine and are completely honest. If I am reviewing a product, an (*) after the name of a product will indicate that it was received for Free/PR sample/Gift. Reviews are 100% honest and unbiased. All the pictures are taken by me unless stated otherwise (guest content creators have taken their own pictures) Please do not use images or content without permission.

Affiliate Links & Codes, which are links that lead you to a retailer’s site, and in return, I receive a small amount or percentage of commission from your purchase. Codes are different as they are individual to a company and aren’t usually applicable to retailers I disclose when I make money off of a code. Some unique codes are just for savings & I don’t make commission off of them.

All content published by me is solely my own opinion and I am not biased towards any company. When affiliate links are used they will be disclosed within the post. As a reader/viewer you are not (and shouldn’t feel) obligated to purchase something through my affiliate links or my affiliate codes.

Sponsored posts, mean that a company is paying me to post or talk (whether it be here or on YouTube/Twitter/Instagram etc…) about something, usually a product. I could just be talking about a product given to me for free by the company or I could be getting paid by them. When a giveaway is sponsored, a company is allowing me to host a giveaway with said companies product(s).

I don’t get paid for sponsored giveaways, but sometimes I will receive product along with a giveaway offer (one for me and one or more for a reader/viewer) People need to disclose when they are being sponsored/receiving compensation for talking about a product (not just beauty bloggers) otherwise they are in violation with the Federal Trade Commission, you can read all about that here

What IS an Affiliate?An affiliate is a person that has business ties with a company. A company will send an individual products for free. Whether a person is obligated to talk about it is within the discretion of the company & individual. When that company puts out new products, they will send their products to individual(s).

Being an affiliate could mean that they are being paid directly by the company, but that does not mean that when someone is an affiliate, they are making money. They could JUST be receiving products. An affiliate may also receive vouchers from retailers to shop at their stores and in return they will often do a video.

Privacy Policy:

This website is monetized through Google Adsense, which uses cookies to improve your experience and show ads that would interest you. All information below is from Google, if you prefer to read from them the link is here 


(serious business inquiries only) To discuss possible features, reviews, advertising or sponsored post opportunities, please contact me at:

crystalemme@gmail.com (no caps)

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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