It’s Sh*tty, But Important

Anyone who has ever been on a low carb diet can attest to fact that you can start to get backed up. ALL THE WAY BACKED UP aka It’s hard for you take a proper shit. Part of this hard to take a shit phenomenon can be traced to either:
  1. You aren’t drinking enough water
  2. You aren’t eating enough vegetables
  3. You aren’t taking fiber supplements
  4. You’re eating too much dairy
I discovered Traditional Medicinals teas last year as I was scouring forums as to why it was hard for me to go to the bathroom in this low carb diet. It got to the point where I was only shitting twice a week. Smooth Moves tea kept coming up in a few of the forums that I was going through…. LET ME TELL YOU RIGHT NOW that this tea changed my life. I suddenly felt like a whole new woman because I was drinking something that helped me go to the bathroom.
These are not a supplement for weight loss/cleansing/ dieting, and won’t cover your ass if you aren’t making healthy food choices. Those bullshit overpriced tea detox these Instagram models push? Many of the ingredients are exactly the same as the Traditional Medicinals. Those “skinny/mini/tiny” detox programs are just an overpriced laxative. Go to your local grocery store, or mass retailer, and pick up some traditional medicinals tea. It’ll clean you out and have your body feeling brand new.
*consult your primary physician before using this or any other supplement*

XOXO, Crystal Emme

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