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Eyeshadow Application 101 for Hooded Eyes

I’m eternally envious of those folk who have big eyelids. Don’t even get me started on those with tons of crease space *swoon* Not that I do makeup on others very often anymore (who knows, maybe one day) big eyelids are my favorite to work with. I have tiny eyelid space, with a ton of surface area between the eyebrows and where the crease is- AKA hooded eyes. It took me a long time before I learned how to do makeup for eye shape. While my “technique” works for almost everyone, this is for the hooded eye shaped.
I created this little paint by numbers chart style pictorial in the order I apply eyeshadow. This order has been working for me since my second (ish) year of college. The brand of eyeshadow doesn’t matter, so use whatever eyeshadow you have. The only thing I would recommend you pick up is a good quality eyeshadow base, or primer.
  1. Brow Bone (pencil brush)
  2. Transition & Lower Lash Line (fluffy domed brush & pencil brush)
  3. Crease (dense small crease brush)
  4. Outer Corner (flat synthetic brush)
  5. Eyelid (short & dense flat eyelid brush)
  6. Inner Eyelid & Corner (pencil brush)
While there’s no one color combination considered “wrong” I like to make sure that most of my looks have complimentary colors. For the brow bone, crease, outer corner, transition, and lower lash line I prefer using matte finish eyeshadows. Every now and then I’ll use a duo chrome highlighter on the brow bone. Eyelid, and inner corner typically have a shimmer finish. This is for when I use this technique, one shadow looks don’t fall under these “rules.”

XOXO, Crystal Emme

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