What’s in My ColourPop Palette? (Warm Neutrals)

Hello my lovely human beings (or aliens bc I know they’re controlling the simulation) today’s post is a little bit of a throwback for me, and if you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning… you’ll know what kind of post this is. When I first started my blog, I would constantly do posts about single eyeshadows. My love affair with single eyeshadows hasn’t burnt out (my longest committed relationship) and I’m here to share another old school Crystal style post today.
(housed in a extra large ZPalette, fits 35 eyeshadows)
If you’ve been reading me for a long time, then you know about the special place that ColourPop has in my heart. I remember buying from them when they were a freshly hatched company. Now they’re a household name, and being sold at Ulta stores. ColourPop has become every makeup lovers go to brand for fun products at an affordable price. One of my favorite products from them are their pressed powder eyeshadows.
From left to right
  1. Distressed (neutral cream, matte)
  2. Now and Zen (white gold, shimmer)
  3. Vivacious (pinky beige, glitter)
  4. Golden Gate Bridge (pinky beige brown, matte)
  5. Ready or Yacht (peachy champagne, shimmer)
  6. I Owe You (muted orange brown, matte)
  7. Heavy Glam (chrome coral, shimmer)
  8. Snake Eyes (chrome taupe, shimmer)
  9. Beach Blanket (warm peach, matte)
  10. Paper Tiger (light ochre, matte)
  11. Side Tracked (peachy brown, satin)
  12. Play by Play (green gold, shimmer)
  13. Running Late (warm orange, matte)
  14. Tiki (bright yellow, satin)
  15. Chic Happens (medium mauve, matte)
  16. The Hidden Hills (beige taupe, satin)
  17. Come & Get It (pinky gold, shimmer)
  18. Imperial (reddened orange, matte)
  19. Koi (soft yellow orange, matte)
  20. Glass Bull (blue brown, shimmer)
  21. Conundrum (neutral brown, matte)
  22. Lit (reddish plum, shimmer)
  23. Salt Water (peachy coral, shimmer)
  24. Freckles (warm brown, matte)
  25. Moscow Sunrise (true copper, shimmer)
  26. Tea Garden (deep golden green, shimmer)
  27. Top Notch (warm cocoa brown, matte)
  28. Paper Crane (copper bronze, shimmer)
  29. Razy (neutral aubergine, matte)
  30. Note To Self (orange brown, matte)
  31. Crown Jewel (blue violet, shimmer)
  32. Boxer (neutral bronze, shimmer)
  33. Team Captain (olive green, matte)
  34. Manhattan Coffee Run (cappuccino brown, matte)
  35. Noche (blackened red brown, matte)
Each eyeshadow is available in a compact for $5, or as a refill in for $4. If you plan on making your own custom palette, I would suggest buying these in pan form, and investing in a magnetic palette. ColourPop also makes their own empty palettes for $10-ish dollars. They have one the biggest selections of colors, I’ve seen a brand have at one time. If you’re looking to have a few staple eyeshadows, they also offer pre-selected eyeshadow quads if you want to make picking out colors a little bit easier on you.

XOXO, Crystal Emme

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