Lazy B*tch Kitchen | Apricot & Mozzarella Pizza Bagels

Greetings my little honeys. I’m back with a another lazy bitch recipe. It’s combines two of my favorite things… apricot jam & cheese. I’m a huge pizza person, I know this because I can inhale an entire pizza on my own (ask me if I can do the same with vegetables) I figured bc I’m an #adult, or at the very least an overgrown child… I’m here to show all of you one of my own pizza bagel recipes.
Ingredients (makes two pizza bagels)
One Onion Bagel, halved (can use whatever kind of bagel)
Apricot Preserves (2 TBSP, 1 per half)
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
No Salt Seasoning (to taste)
Cooking Spray
  1. Toast bagel for 1-2 minutes
  2. Spread apricot preserves over each half
  3. Sprinkle cheese on bread (as much as you’d like)
  4. Dust no salt seasoning over the cheese
  5. Lightly mist cooking spray over bagels
  6. Broil on high for 5-7 minutes

XOXO, Crystal Emme

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