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$1 Fake Lashes + My Favorite Lash Styles

There are a lot of things that you shouldn’t spend a ton of money on. For myself one of those things are fake lashes. I don’t see the point in paying over $5 for fake eyelashes. MAYBE I’d let it slide if $8-$10, but I still think that’s pushing the limit for something I don’t wear everyday. Unless your job is drag, or beauty influencer (who really knows the difference) then you’re probably like the majority of us regulars that only wear falsies on special occasions.
I get majority of my fake lashes from Shop Miss A. These suckers will run you a whopping $1, and you can throw them away after one use, or three if you really wanna make them stretch. The ones pictured here are my favorite styles that they offer, but they’ve recently added lash styles to their in house brand. I’ll have to check those out, and see what they’re all about because they look promising. Last time I checked they had some cute new lashes.
Guess what? Those $30 lashes your fave beauty influencers push harder than doctors push antibiotics? They’re most likely getting them for free, or at an extremely discounted price. While I’m all about people lining up checks (as long as it’s legal, or not putting people in danger) it’s not realistic to buy 3-4 $30 lashes for most people. When you can go on a website like Shop Miss A, and pick several styles for $10. If you end up not liking the one of the lashes, you won’t feel guilty for throwing them away.

XOXO, Crystal Emme

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