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Top 5 | Morphe Eye Brushes

I’ve been using Morphe Brushes for almost two years now? My review on their single eyeshadows is the most viewed on my blog to date (how cool) since that’s been written, I’ve run into a few favorite things from this brand. I’m a big fan of their eye brushes, because they have a large selection for a good price.
M210 (flat shader)
  • Natural hair bristles pick up shimmer wonderfully
  • Size works well for hooded/smaller lids
M224 (concealer)
  • Blends out thinner concealer under brow
  • Bristles don’t absorb as much product
E30 (large fluffy blender)
  • Works best for matte eyeshadows
  • Perfect to buff in transition eyeshadow
E36 (small dome detail)
  • Ideal for inner corner, and lower lashline
  • Great for smaller sfx detailing
E17 (small blending)
  • Excellent for adding depth to eye looks
  • Size works to blend nose contour

XOXO, Crystal Emme

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