Things that No One Told Me About Losing Weight Vol.Two

Here’s the second helping (of steamed carrots because according to inside sources I no longer eat Cheetos, fake news btw) in case my constant weird weight loss things entertained you, first of all I’m glad. Secondly, we haven’t even scratched the surface. Buckle up my cardio bunnies, or iron pumping babes. Maybe this will become a series? Maybe not. I’m Air dominant, so who really knows what will happen.
Men are much friendlier.
Before anyone wants to let me know that “it’s not the weight loss, its you” bullcrap, please don’t. I’m not the smartest person on the planet, but I can do basic math. Men really are much warmer when you’re thinner. My personality hasn’t changed much since I’ve lost over 100 pounds. It’s quite obvious for myself what the trigger factor is in this equation. Men treat you differently after major weight loss.
The men that I’ve encountered in public places wanting to strike an unnecessary conversation is borderline ludicrous. Like… please go away Brad. I’m trying to pick my bananas, and apples in peace. Stop your pathetic attempts to flirt with me, and bag my shit before I report you to your manager. It’s just annoying, let me live my life as an almost skinny legend in peace.
It’s not going to fix your problems (at all)
For a long time I thought that the root of problems were due to my weight. The reason that people treated me the way that they did was, because I was fat. I let myself be mistreated by potential partners, because I should be grateful that someone is attracted to me at all. I wasn’t popular because of my body type. I never stood up for myself because the way I was treated was called for.
I figured that if I were to lose weight, my perceived issues would go away. I’d blossom into the beautiful swan that got revenge on everyone that called her ugly. Lo, and behold I lose weight, and my oscar worthy moment didn’t happen. My body images issues, and eating disorder are still there. If anything I have a whole new set of problems.
You’ll still like to eat junk food
While I do enjoy a warm carrot soup, I enjoy hot Cheetos a whole lot better. I genuinely believed that I would turn into a health conscious goddess that never fucked up her diet. Oh if only I still had that level of naiveté. I have to be extremely careful that I don’t overindulge in trigger foods, because (dun dun dun) it can trigger my eating disorder. Thank heavens that I haven’t binged in several years. Those Little Debbie brownies, they’re like crack to me, so I’ve got to be careful.

XOXO, Crystal Emme

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