Things that No One Told Me About Losing Weight Vol. One

Hello everyone. In case you didn’t know (you probably don’t because I never really talked about it other than Instagram a few times. BTW YOU SHOULD FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @crystalemme) In the last year and a half I’ve lost over 100lbs (117 to be exact) and there are a few funny things that I’ve noticed that no ever told me about losing weight. I honestly never thought I’d ever experience this.
That skin you stretched out? There’s a good chance it may not bounce back.
“Oh you’ve never had kids, so you won’t have loose skin”
“You’re young, so the skin should BE OK”
“Don’t even worry about, you weren’t even that fat”
If I had a dollar for every time I heard these statements, I would never have to work. I’m a solid 5’4 on a good day, and was almost 300 pounds. To say my skin reached peak elasticity is an understatement (of the century) Here’s the truth: if you have to lose over half of your bodyweight in order to be considered healthy, you’re going to have loose skin. My stomach looks like soggy pizza dough, and there’s not much I can do about it.
Loose skin isn’t the end of the world for me. I’d rather have my stomach, and arms flap in the wind versus being pre-diabetic. Sure, I’ve busted my ass trying to shed these blubber nuggets on my body, and I still ended up with loose skin? Tragic. I’ll eventually get surgery to remove the excess skin, but it costs a cute chunk of change (that I don’t have right now) SOOOOOOOOO… that’s fun.
People are Assholes (that never let you forget how fat you were)
I already didn’t interact with 90% of people in my family, but seeing people who haven’t seen me in years is irritating. Keep in mind that I’ve always been large and in charge, so seeing me this thin would be a shock to anyone. Every time someone sees me, I get the same story of how fat I used to be, and how cute I am now. I don’t know in what world talking to someone like that is acceptable, but it’s only a matter of time before I snap.
What’s even worse? Is when people point out how pretty I am now. Now that I’m at an “acceptable” body size, I’m considered beautiful. Over the holidays my aunts, and cousins would tell me how pretty I was now. Now that my “pretty for a fat girl” face matches my body… all is right in the world. Moral of the story: my family is nosy, and never let me forget anything… ever.
You’re always going to be cold.
I had a bunch of skinny friends in high school, and college. My skinny friends would always be cold. Of course my fat ass had about 50 million layers of natural insulation, so I never experienced this phenomenon of being cold. I would be roasting if it was over 65 degrees in or outside. I experienced my first winter of my life being cold. Now I’m wearing two layers of everything, because if I don’t I risk getting hypothermia. I’m not even at my goal weight yet, and it’s freezing cold.

XOXO, Crystal Emme

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