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I never truly appreciated the art of making empanadas until the day I decided it was a good idea for me to learn. It’s true that you don’t know how something is until it happens to you. Shoutout to all the señoras that makes these on the regular because the chances of me making these again are slim to none. I grossly underestimated the skill it takes to make empanadas, but I feel good knowing that I passed this latina rite of passage. I hope you all enjoy.
Ingredients (12 empanadas)
2 cups of milk
¾ cup of sweetened grated coconut
⅓ cup of brown sugar
3 TBSP cornstarch
2 TBSP cream cheese
1 pinch of salt
3 egg yolks
2 TSP coconut extract
2 Pie crusts
  1. In a medium pot, bring milk and coconut over medium heat. Bring to a boil.
  2. Set aside, and wait until it reaches room temperature
  3. Put mixture in blender. Add sugar, yolks, cornstarch, salt, and extract.
  4. Blend until well incorporated
  5. Pour back into medium pot, over medium-low heat (stirring constantly) the mixture will thicken. Set aside, and let it cool
  6. Roll out both pie crusts, use cookie cutter to make 12 circles
  7. Preheat oven to 450, lightly grease a baking sheet
  8. Place 2 tablespoons of filling in center of dough
  9. Fold dough in half, and seal with a fork
  10. Poke holes in the dough with a fork (or pinch the edge with your fingers)
  11. Brush with an egg wash
  12. Bake empanadas for 15 minutes (or until golden brown)
  13. Sprinkle with sugar when they come out of the oven
  14. Enjoy with tea, or coffee

XOXO, Crystal Emme

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