Cancelling Culture & Woke Smugness

I’ve never figured out when this whole “woke” thing started. It became a thing that infiltrated my life in the most unwelcoming way. The concept of who is the ruler of moral superiority, and notions that people need to be aware of every single thing that’s wrong in the world is preposterous.  It’s become an unhealthy competition of who is more woke than the other. I chuckle at the fact that people feel the need to compete over “wokeness”
Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that it’s important to be aware of events that go on in the world. I’m not promoting that we as people stay blissfully unaware of the environment we live in. I don’t agree with the hostile idea that “because I am more woke than you, it makes me better.” The smugness that comes with this is irritating, and is a backwards way of treating people. You don’t teach by berating people.
Another phenomenon is “cancelling culture.” If someone isn’t a perfect human being, we cancel them. Said person’s opinion is no longer valid because of what they said, or believed in the past. I’ve noticed that when someone comes to prominence, news outlets (or bored people on the internet) will scour for any traces of what they deem unacceptable. In regards to topics like race, sexual orientation, humans rights (things along those lines) especially in polarizing political climates that many people, and places in world are facing.
Here’s the thing (repeat after me):
What a shocker.
It isn’t uncommon, nor does it mean that they are pandering to an audience. Life happens, things happen that could change a person’s mind about something. I believe that many people forget that a person’s viewpoint can change over the course of several years in their lifetime. Even if those values/beliefs didn’t change, it’s well within that rights of that person to believe what they want to. Though it may not be something that aligns with what you believe.
When I was a kid I’ve said, and believed things that I am horrified by now. I didn’t form real opinions until I became an adult. I wouldn’t want to be “cancelled” over a foolish thing that I said in the past. We all go through phases that we regret, and have moments that we aren’t proud of. Many of us needed those lessons to grow as people.
It goes for other people too, because people are allowed to change. It isn’t fair to immediately “cancel” a person for what they said in the past. Especially if those viewpoints aren’t indicative of what they stand for now. Be compassionate, and understand that breaking down ignorance takes time. No one changes overnight, not even the king/queen of “wokeness” you worship.

XOXO, Crystal Emme

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