Discontinued Products I Wish Would Come Back from Makeup Heaven (Part Two)

I knew when I did the first version of this post. I knew I had to come back with a second one. I wrote a borderline snl style monologue mourning the products that are no longer here in the physical world. Before anyone tries to flame my ass, I know there are bigger problems in this world. I’m aware that people are starving despite the abundance of food, and as woman; doctors don’t take my pain as seriously. Let me b*tch in my corner of the internet in peace.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture

This was the palette that singlehandedly fueled my Anastasia Beverly Hills love affair. This was my first makeup product I had ever purchased from them, and my makeup life was never the same after that. I think I might have a few posts talking about this product. It was not discontinued, it was limited edition. It has the perfect mattes and shimmer colors to create a large assortment of eye looks.


Revlon Desert Bronze Highlighting Palette

This was also a limited edition item, and I still have mine (and a backup) This is my all time favorite bronzer from the drugstore and I can’t ever talk about it because no one can buy it. It’s the smoothest matte browner to ever grace my face. It wasn’t orange or too cool, it looks beautiful on the face. I just want Revlon to let everyone enjoy this bronzer as much as I do. It’s such a good bronzer.

from temptalia.com

M.A.C Pro Long Wear Lipsticks

This wouldn’t be a discontinued products I miss if I didn’t have some M.A.C products in here. I don’t have any of these lipsticks anymore, but these were so ahead of their time. It was the only matte lipstick that had amazing staying power. They applied like a regular creme finish lipstick, but dried into an unmovable matte. I miss these so much.

Lip Smackers Jell-O

I still have the remnants of this lip balm hidden somewhere under some notes me and friends passed to each other in science class. These were the best lip smackers that have ever graced this earth. They had THEEEEEEEEEEE best flavor and jelly texture. I want lip smacker to bring these back (or at least scour the archives and send a few jello party packs my way, I’d appreciate that very much)

from makeupalley.com

M.A.C Liquidlast Liner

Technically this product isn’t discontinued, in fact it’s still available. Once upon a time M.A.C had several colors in their liquidlast liner. Before they decided they didn’t want me to be great anymore. It’s only available in black now, but they had a myriad of colors. Really fun bright pops of color. This liner is stays put like super glue, and I want more colors in this line.

M.A.C Crushed Metallic Pigments

A few years ago, M.A.C really was pushing these crushed metal pigments. They came in stack form, and a bunch of different color schemes. The pigments were these large shimmer particles that glittered in such a captivating way. Such a beautiful product. I used to have one of these, but around the time I got one… we had moved and POOF! It was never to be seen again, and I want them back… in every single color.

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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