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Man oh man the drugstore has come a LOOOOOONG way since I started wearing makeup. Goodbye are the days where I had to soak a cotton swab in tap water and use it with my eyeshadows. I remember adding eye drops to mascara to double it as eyeliner… I was on the struggle train for a long time. Drugstore makeup has drastically improved since those days. I know I’ve done one these drugstore favorites here on my blog before, but figured it was time for an updated version. Mama has found new and better favorites since those posts.

L’Oréal Infallible 24HR Eyeshadow

I’ve been a big fan of these eyeshadows for a long time. I remember using a tape brown all of time when I was in high school. These eyeshadows are a cross between a pressed shadow and loose pigment. I apply these using a glitter primer, with a dense brush to minimize fall out of the shadows.

Nyx Cosmetics Proof It! Eyeshadow Primer

I’ve been singing the praises of this eye primer since I started my website. Even when I was living la vida broka in high school, I spent the money on an eyeshadow primer. There was a period of time when drugstore brands didn’t have good eyeshadow primer. If they did have an eye primer it didn’t work for my oily eyelids. This primer has great staying power, but I recommend setting it with a face powder or you risk having your eyeshadow skip.

Nyx Cosmetics Glitter Primer

This nifty little primer is a thick and sticky base for glitter shadows and loose pigments. If you apply this under your eyeshadows you can rest assured that your shadow isn’t going anywhere.

L’Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black

A classic mascara that has been in my makeup bag for years. The formula is dark and creamy, it adds a natural curl and fluff to my eyelashes. I feel like this works for many different lash types, but I could see this being a problem for straight eyelashes. If you have straight lashes, curl them before you apply this mascara and use the waterproof version.

Nyx Cosmetics Wonder Pencil

These flesh-colored eye pencils have saved me from looking like a zombie in my 7:30 a.m art history class my freshman year of college. It adds a subtle brightness without looking harsh like a white eyeliner. I also use this to highlight my eyebrow and fix any smudges that I have with liquid lipstick.

Nyx Cosmetics Pencil Sharpener

Hands down the best pencil sharpener of all time. It has two different compartments for different sized pencils. There’s not much to say about other than it does what it’s supposed to.

Nyx Cosmetics Eyebrow Shaper

Pure magic in a stick. On the days where I want a natural finish to my brows I use this. It sets your eyebrows, but doesn’t give them the stiff look that happens when you use eyebrow gel. Your brows aren’t going to look crusty and gross.

Nyx Cosmetics Eyebrow Gel

It’s not an eyebrow in the sense that you would apply it with a mascara like wand. I would describe this as a squeeze version of the ABH dipbrow. I also fins this to be less intimidating than the dipbrow, because the product isn’t as saturated. If you’re a beginner at eyebrows, I would start in small amounts and build this up as I go.

Nyx Cosmetics Slim Eye Pencil

I use these eyeliner for everything. Eyebrows, faux freckles, lipliner. They’re a cheap and creamy pencil that comes in a ton of colors. They only issue that I have with these pencils is that they can get a bit harder to work with in colder weather.

L.A Girl Eye Lux Eyeshadow

I honestly have no idea why these aren’t getting the hype they deserve. My CVS recently got an entire L.A Girl gondola and I went a little crazy. When it comes to drugstore shadows, it’s more of a hit and miss than mid to high-end eyeshadow. I was pleasantly surprised that these shadows were soft and blendable. Also they have buildable coverage, but can be what you see in the little palette. They come in several color schemes. I’m interested in trying a few of the colorful palettes.

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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