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If you’ve been here on my blog for a while, then you know I’m a big fan of ColourPop. They’ve recently started producing curated 12 pan eyeshadow palettes. The first two were Yes Please! and the SHE palette. It’s damn near impossible to buy those two because they sell out every single time they restock. I Think I Love You is the recent one they’ve come out with.

The Palette

It comes with 12 eyeshadows at 0.03oz each.

Swatches (no primer)

Better Bitter (sold pearly gold)

Belair (neutral golden taupe matte)

Fancy Face (true penny copper shimmer)

Girls Bite (metallic golden bronze)

Howdy (reddened bronze pearl)

Rowdy (matte ivory)

My Treat (icy champagne shimmer)

Level Up (glittery orange copper)

Screw It (medium rose gold)

Let’s Do It (dark matte black)

Rule Breaker (glittery yellow gold)

My Type (warmed up matte brown)

Texture, Pigmentation, Staying Power

This is my first time trying out a 12 pan ColourPop palette. I have a sizeable collection of their single eyeshadows. I don’t think there are any discrepancies between the texture of the singles versus the eyeshadows in the palette. The textures for the shimmers were smooth, with the exception of Level Up and Rule Breaker. Those two colors have glitter, so they feel gritty when you swatch or apply with fingertips.

As you can see by the swatches, the shadows are not lacking pigmentation. ColourPop makes a good matte eyeshadow. I believe they make some of the easiest matte eyeshadows to use. Their mattes have buildable coverage, which to me makes a good matte eyeshadows. When powder products are too pigmented, they can be harder to work with and easy to have a heavy hand with. I appreciate when shadows are like that.

Unless a product claims to be long-lasting, I don’t test said product without primer. I find it silly to not utilize products they way you would if you were actually using them in real life. I test out all eyeshadows with primer. I have oily skin, which means my eyelids are certified oil slicks, so nothing lasts on my skin without primer. The staying power was standard for me, which is about 9 hours before I started noticing slight fading.

Grade: A-

The eyeshadows colors are right up my alley. Full of rich gold and bronze colors that were perfect for the fall season coming up. I knew it wasn’t going to sell as quickly because the palette is different from what’s is popular right now, which are warm toned mattes and shimmers. While these colors might not be considered THE MOST unique, it was refreshing to not see the same colors EVERY.SINGLE.BRAND has been releasing.

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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