My MakeupGeek Eyeshadow Palette

It’s a shame how little I talk about these eyeshadows because I enjoy using these. MakeupGeek was always one of those brands that I’ve seen on YouTube for years. I never got around to actually trying them until they had “damaged” eyeshadows on sale for half off and I decided to pick those up. MakeupGeek often puts products they deem as damaged for sale on their website. These are come and go, so not every single eyeshadow is available for discount.

It’s when products are deemed damaged. It’s random when these go on sale. Damaged could mean the pans have scratches, eyeshadows have nicks in them or the sticker is placed slightly crooked. With any brand factory blemishes happen and not every single product of a batch is going to be pristine. They are deemed unusable and not to be sold.

I think for most brands they either throw them away or give them to employees, but MakeupGeek sells them at deeply discounted prices. Many of the “damaged” eyeshadows I purchased had very little problems, just a nick or the stickers was slightly off-center. Certainly not a deal breaker for myself. I’m always down for a good makeup bargain.

In This Palette (left to right)

  1. Mirage (satin off white)
  2. Beaches & Cream (matte barely there peach)
  3. Starry Eyed (foiled icy pink)
  4. Chickadee (matte muted tangerine)
  5. Magic Act (foiled yellow gold)
  6. Tuscan Sun (matte muted pink)
  7. In The Spotlight (foiled icy peach)
  8. Tiki Hut (matte caramel brown)
  9. Cosmopolitan (peachy gold flip)
  10. Tan Lines (dusty pinkish brown)
  11. Shimma Shimma (soft beige)
  12. Frappe (satin plummy brown)
  13. Pocket Change (neutral bronze)
  14. Poppy (neon coral)
  15. Luna (cool rose gold)
  16. Desert Sand (matte yellow ochre)
  17. Grandstand (foiled bronzy pink)
  18. Cocoa Bear (matte reddened brown)
  19. Legend (foiled copper bronze)
  20. Cherry Cola (matte warm plum, love the color but hard to blend)

My first experience with MUG eyeshadows were cosmopolitan and cocoa bear. I received them in a Boxycharm last year. MakeupGeeks’ foiled eyeshadows are the priciest pan eyeshadows they offer and most of the ones I received were half off. I house all of my single eyeshadows in MakeUp ForEver metal palettes now. I used to use Z-Palette, but have stopped purchasing their products. The MUFE are better quality and less expensive, so purchase those instead.

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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