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Mini Reviews | New! Drugstore Makeup Products (Part One)

Ok, so maybe these aren’t TOTALLY and COMPLETELY new. I haven’t purchased drugstore makeup in what feel like eons. I’ve been on a little bit of a makeup no buy for a few months. Over time I’ve realized that I can be extremely reckless with money and I have other priorities when it comes to finances. Makeup is a luxury, not a necessity. I recently had some disposable income, so I decided to buy some makeup.

When it comes to drugstore brands, I stick to what I know. I mainly buy from 4 drugstore makeup brands, because they consistently put out good products. Drugstore makeup prices have risen steadily, so I am selective about what I buy. Also… Ulta had 10× points, so mama got a boat load of points to spend at a later date.

Nyx Cosmetics Ultimate Multi Finish Shadow Palette in Sugar High

This nifty eyeshadow palette is fun and has a good mix of cool and warm tones. These palette have three different finishes. Matte, shimmer and pressed glitter eyeshadows. The point was to have three different eyeshadows in similar color families. For the pressed glitters I would recommend using a glitter primer.

Grade: B

Nyx Cosmetics Lid Lingerie Eyeshadow Palette

An all matte palette from the drugstore… that I actually like. The shadows aren’t powdery and have buildable coverage. I find that to be beneficial versus an extremely pigmented eyeshadow, which gets messy if you were to use too much product. These are nice and soft and full of those “essential” mattes that I think everyone should use.

Grade: A

Nyx Cosmetics Faux Blacks in Blackberry and Oxblood

I’ll start off with the thing I love about these pencils they are PIGMENTED. They apply smooth on the eye. Except they dry down quickly- speed of light fast. I have trouble blending these out with a brush because they set. I’ll continue to use these, because I like the colors, but I will not be repurchasing. PASS.

Grade: C−

Nyx Cosmetics Cake That! Powder Eyeliner

This is my first experience with powder eyeliner. I tried this out with a water based mixing medium and an angled eyeliner brush. It took a couple of swipes to get the liner to be opaque. I’m under the assumption that it’s more of my user error and I need to try it a few more times. I did go out using this eyeliner and it stayed put throughout the night. I’m impressed.

Grade: B−

Nyx Cosmetics Lid Lingerie Matte

I like these for a quick one shadow look. It comes with a doe foot applicator, so you can either use a brush or fingers to blend these out. It’s a liquid lipstick except these are meant to be use on the eyes. They set to a matte finish and do not move. I tested these out without eyeshadow primer and they faded slightly after 3 hours of wear. I also tested these with a primer and they lasted about 7 hours before I noticed fading. I have oily eyelids, for myself most eyeshadows need to be used with primer.

Grade: B−

Nyx Cosmetics Epic Ink Eyeliner

It’s a pen style eyeliner with good pigmentation and staying power. BOOM.

Grade: B+

L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

WOW, this mascara is insanity. The brush grabs all of my lashes and makes them look long and fluffy. My natural lashes already have a nice curl, but this mascara made my eyelashes look fake. The formula didn’t flake or smudge throughout the whole day. Plus, the packaging is metallic pink and I love metallic pink.

Grade: A+

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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