Discontinued Products I Wish Would Come Back from Makeup Heaven

Ahhhhh the dreaded makeup chopping block. Like all things on this earth, there comes a day when we will cease to exist. We will be gone, but not forgotten. You can imagine for as long as I’ve been wearing makeup, I’ve seen my fair share of favorite products be discontinued and I am here to share what products I wish would come back from makeup heaven.


Milani Glimmer Stripes and 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss

I used the absolute f*ck out of these glimmer stripes. I used them as eyeshadow, bronzer and blush. These powders were a staple in my high school makeup bag. I remember these being so soft and shimmery. Once upon a time I only used shimmer eyeshadows and I still weep over the fact that these are no longer available.

Milani made dupes for higher end makeup products. The 3D glitzy glamour glosses were the ballin on a budget version of M.A.C dazzleglass. Young teenage me that had to save up for a drugstore product, loved these. Super glittery and had that fruity signature Milani scent.

pc: temptalia.com

M.A.C Tendertones

Oh M.A.C… why must you always break my heart? I could make an entire dissertation on products that I wish would come back, exclusively from M.A.C. Tendertones were a jelly lip balm and they smelled like strawberry kiwi Capri Sun. They came in a paintpot style jar, which made them feel super luxe. The colors barely showed up, but I loved these.

M.A.C Pressed Pigments

This is a recent axe and the wound is fresh. I have no idea why M.A.C always gets rid of things that I like. These eyeshadows are everything that my glitter loving heart lives for. Especially now that so many brands have come out with pressed glitter eyeshadows… I just wanna talk to creative development department at M.A.C …..

Stila In The Know Eyeshadow Palette

The whole idea that you never forget your first? Well that’s true… especially when it was your first introduction to matte eyeshadow and your entire makeup life changed after that moment. To this day, that Stila palette was the only palette I hit pan on every single eyeshadow. They were soft, pigmented, super easy to blend and had kick ass colors. If anyone at Stila happens to have a few of these lying around… PLEASE send them my way

Maybelline Shinylicious Lip Gloss

This one still stings my ass. These were the best lip glosses Maybelline has ever come out with and they ripped them from the shelves… and my grubby 13-year-old paws. They looked like glittery, shiny glass on the lips. There was one shade I recall wearing the sh*t out of and I’m 100% sure it was Candy Baby. It looked like a milky pink, but ended up clear on my lips… good times.

Since all good things must come to an end, so does this post. Don’t worry there are plenty more products I wish would come back from makeup heaven. What are your favorite discontinued products? Let me know in the comments.

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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