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Good afternoon everyone. I have a review on the NEW Sephora pro eyeshadow palette in warm. In case you did not know, or follow @hotfiremakeup on Instagram (aka best beauty update page EVER) Sephora teased these palettes a few weeks ago. I already knew that I was going to cop the warm palette, because I’ll shake my booty to a good neutral any day of the week. Sephora has two other versions of this palette a cool toned and editorial palette.

I don’t use cool tones or bright colors enough to warrant me buying those two. I’ve reached the point where I only truly buy things if I know I will use them. Those two other palettes are absolutely stunning and if the quality of those eyeshadows are just like this palette, they will be amazing. If you’ve been drowning or getting tired of the warm eyeshadow sea we’ve been in, the cool palette could be the best opportunity to fulfill your cool toned desires.

The palette comes with 28 eyeshadows, in various finishes. The palette itself is heavy and I don’t see it being travel friendly. It has a magnet closure, which is strong and has no visible risk of opening in case you were to travel with it or happen to drop it on the floor. The mirror is enormous, it is as big as the inside of the palette. The names come on a plastic sheet.

What I Like:

The mirror is done of my favorite qualities about this palette, I personally use mirrors inside of palettes when I’m doing my eyeshadow. I also love that there are more mattes than shimmer finishes. I prefer that over an even ratio of mattes to shimmers. These eyeshadows (minus a few) are soft and buttery, with rich pigmentation. The quality is excellent, you won’t have any trouble working with most of these eyeshadow

What I Don’t Like:

I feel that there are too many browns that look similar. I wish that instead of so many browns, they would have put a red, orange, burgundy and plum eyeshadow. For being a neutral palette, I do think that it could have been developed with a lot more variation. This palette could have been made into something a bit more diverse.

There are a few eyeshadows that has glitter (peach and brown sugar), which were gritty and tough to work with. I would have preferred those shadows to have had the metallic finish versus the glitter. I also think that this could have had a few more satin finish eyeshadows.

Swatches (one swipe, no primer)

Row One (Canvas, Oat, Biscotti, Camel, Ochre, Saddle, Auburn)

Row Two (Sand, Brass, Clay, Copper, Bronze, Adobe, Sandstone)

Row Three (Hazelnut, Khaki, Peach, Brick, Terracotta, Burnt Umber, Chestnut)

Row Four (Brown Sugar, Caramel, Sepia, Coconut Shell, Cocoa, Cedar, Obsidian)

ColourPop vs. Sephora Pro

Each eyeshadow in the Sephora Pro palette has the same amount as a single ColourPop pressed powder eyeshadow, so it would be more cost effective to buy the Sephora Pro palette versus 28 ColourPop eyeshadows. If you were to buy 28 ColourPop eyeshadows, which are $5 a piece you would end up paying $140.

Grade: A-

The Wrap Up:

I really like this palette, but I don’t think it’s anything special. The colors aren’t anything we haven’t seen before or can’t get anywhere else. I do think that it is cost effective to buy this palette if you don’t have a lot of eyeshadows from other brands. This has almost every color you would need to create a neutral eye makeup look. I do think that it could have been a little more exciting than it is, but overall it’s a good product.

XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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2 thoughts on “Review + Swatches | Sephora PRO Warm Eyeshadow Palette”

    1. I wish they would have put those colors in there. I felt like they were missing. ABH Modern Renaissance is has some beautiful reds and oranges, wish this palette could have had some of those 🙁

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