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Good morning everyone. If you’ve been a reader of mine for the last few years, then you know about my top 5 series. I recently axed all of the posts from that category and decided to give it a face lift. Instead of top 5, I am doing top 5s AND 10s. The past posts in this category needed a major update and I wanted to expand the amount of products I could show you all.

Since 2017 is the year of growth for me (and the true north node is entering Leo in May) I wanted to revamp some of my old posts. I wanted to start off this series with one of favorite eyeshadow lines. Anastasia Beverly Hills make some of my favorite eyeshadows. I’ve been a big fan of them for almost two years and I recommend them to anyone that wants to try higher end eyeshadows. I picked out 11 of my favorites. I couldn’t rein it in to exactly ten, but I figured an extra eyeshadow wouldn’t hurt anyone.


This is a satin cream with fine white shimmer, I use this on the brow bone instead of a matte. I like using sating eyeshadows on the browbone over other eyeshadow finishes.


No matter what eyeshadow look I’m doing, I set my eye primer. It gives me a smooth canvas to work and make blending eyeshadows easier.

Orange Soda

A creamy orange that I pair with my warmer eyeshadows. This is my go to transiotion color for when I’m doing a peachy eye. I buff this into the brow bone color.


As you can see, amber is one of my well loved colors. ABH titanium finish is my second favorite that they offer, aside from the ultra matte. I pack this onto my eyelid for a beautiful foiled look.

Burnt Orange

This eyeshadows was one of the first eyeshadows I got from ABH, and the one shadow that made fall in love with warm looks. I use this either by itself of when I’m doing dramatic eye looks.

Peach Sorbet

Another titanium eyeshadow, it’s peachy undertones make this the perfect powder for the inner corner.


The perfect medium red. This looks awesome smoked out on the lower lash line.

Pink Champagne 

This one looks beautiful on the middle of the eye as a pop of shimmer. I completely used up the one from the shadow couture palette, so I picked up the full sized single.


This is one of the few eyeshadows I own that I wear as a one eyeshadow look. The beigey peach powder has so much dimension, when you buff this into the crease it looks like you have two colors on your eye.


The best neutral chocolate brown. I also double this as an eyeliner.


ABH makes great purple and plum eyeshadows. Which is great because A LOT of established brands still have trouble making purple that aren’t patchy and sheer. Aubergine has some fine shimmer, but it’s not a shadow that has a matte base and glitter particles.

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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