Z•palette | Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Eyeshadows 2017

Good morning everyone. I am here with an updated post. During last years black friday sale, Anastasia Beverly Hills single eyeshadows were marked down to $4.80. I picked up all the single eyeshadows that I wanted. I wasn’t going to pass that good of a deal up. ABH has been my go to brand for eyeshadow for over a year now. They’ve impressed me with the quality and the variation of eyeshadows that they have.

Eyeshadows from Left to Right

  1. Bling (bright white with pearl, satin)
  2. Vanilla (buttery white, velvet)
  3. Fresh (pink toned ivory, ultra matte)
  4. Cream (peachy ivory, ultra matte)
  5. Nude (ashy nude, ultra matte)
  6. Soft Peach (lightest peach, ultra matte)
  7. Orange Soda (light warm orange, ultra matte)
  8. Sateen (creamy champagne, satin)
  9. Fresh Peach (coral, velvet)
  10. Gem (peachy brown, satin)
  11. Glisten (shimmery beige, metallic)
  12. Custard (yellow tan, ultra matte)
  13. China Rose (rosey gold, duo chrome)
  14. Penny Metal (copper, metallic)
  15. Surface of The Sun (gold, titanium)
  16. Peach Sorbet (bright peach gold, titanium)
  17. Amber (rich gold, titanium)
  18. Burnt Orange (warm medium orange, ultra matte)
  19. Fawn (olive brown, ultra matte)
  20. Morocco (muted reddish brown, ultra matte)
  21. Fudge (chocolatey brown, ultra matte)
  22. Warm Taupe (neutral taupe ultra matte)
  23. Rose (shimmery pink, metallic)
  24. Pink Champagne (cool pink, titanium)
  25. Ash Brown (deep cool brown, ultra matte)
  26. Topaz (true bronze, satin)
  27. Blazing (warm red, ultra matte)
  28. Aubergine (deep purple, ultra matte)
  29. Sienna (orange brown, ultra matte)
  30. Comfort (warm red copper, satin)
  31. Red Earth (purple brown, ultra matte)
  32. Henna (bright red copper, titanium)
  33. Hot Chocolate (rich warm brown, ultra matte)
  34. Smoke (charcoal brown, ultra matte)
  35. Noir (richest black, ultra matte)

I house my single eyeshadow in an extra large Zpalette. It holds 35 ABH eyeshadows comfortably and I use Zpalette for all my single eyeshadows. Zpalettes are definitely great investments, especially if you have a ton of eyeshadows and want to save space. Anastasia Beverly Hills gives you a free palette when you buy 4 or 8 eyeshadows, but I don’t use those.

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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