M.A.C Kabuki Magic Paints

Good morning (or afternoon/evening, depending on what time you’re reading this) Today I have an exciting product to show you. It’s a newly released product from the M.A.C Kabuki Magic collection. I also have the dazzleshadow quad, but I’ll post that one in a couple of days. I got three of the paints, paints are actually one of my favorite products from M.A.C. Paints are definitely underrated and I wish that M.A.C made more paints colors. It’s a cream shadow that comes in a squeeze tube and dries down to a powder finish.

I’m not actually going to be using these as a cream eyeshadow. I bought these to use as cream liners and bases for colorful eyeshadows. The only thing I don’t like about paints is that you HAVE TO be careful when getting product out. If you squeeze too hard, you end up getting too much. Then you end up wasting the eyeshadow. Be aware of that if you end up buying this.

Paints from left to right

  1. Cracked Emerald (matte grass green)
  2. Overnight Sensation (bright purple pearl)
  3. Win (matte royal blue, my personal favorite)

Paints have excellent wear time. I’ve worn paints alone using no eyeshadow primer and they’ve stayed on all day. Don’t worry if you have oily eyelids because these will not crease on you. Remember to close these all of the way, you don’t want these shadows to dry out. I have an eyeshadow look using overnight sensation as an eyeliner, which should be up either today or tomorrow.

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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