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October Favorites 2016

Good morning, loves. Today I have my October favorites for you all. I’ve been posting her on my blog a lot more and I have to say that… it feels amazing posting on my blog. I like writing on my blog way more than doing YouTube videos. I don’t ever feel like I’m running out of ideas for my blog. I also think that my blog is a more accurate representation of myself. I don’t feel constrained to a certain topic here on the blog, unlike YouTube & Instagram- which are solely makeup & beauty.

Maybelline Shine Shot Topcoat

I bought this because I’ve seen a lot of Instagram beauty accounts use this lip gloss. I didn’t really know what to expect, especially because I’ve never been a big consumer of Maybelline lip products. I’m surprised by how much I like this. I add this over any lip color and it will add an intense shine. It is a little bit sticky, but I love that.


M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish in Faintly Fabulous

This has got to be the most natural highlighter I own. When I swirl the colors together, It’s a neutral champagne with a satin finish. It doesn’t emphasize pores or make you look greasy. It’s a nice change from the usual metallic highlighter that I wear.


Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive with Aloe

I have been using this brand of lash glue for almost 4 months. I used to be die-hard for the Revlon lash glue, but I can’t find it in any of my local drugstores. This glue id free of latex & formaldehyde, so if you’re allergic and/or sensitive to lash glues, this will work for you.


M.A.C Water Based Mixing Medium

I am slightly obsessed with this product. I use it to foil eyeshadows and loose pigments. This is like glue, once you mix it with shadow, it’s not going anywhere. Anytime you see me wearing a super metallic eyeliner or eyelid, I use this. I bought mine online, but you can pick this up at PRO stores.


Shea Moisture Illuminating Bronzer in Cinnamon Ceylon

I’m a huge fan of Shea Moisture cosmetics. I get mine from Ulta, online because Shea Moisture isn’t available in store at my local Ulta. This bronzer has become my most used in my makeup arsenal. It isn’t orange, but it has a nice golden tone. The shimmers aren’t chunky and give a natural looking sheen on the skin.


I hope you enjoyed my October favorites, let me know what you’ve been loving lately.

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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