Review | Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit in Ginger, Brown Sugar & Love Bite

Greetings my beautiful readers, today I have a review on some Kylie Cosmetics matte lip kits. I Think that I probably re-blogged on Tumblr that I was never going to try her makeup, but I’m here with my tail between my legs & a review for all of you skeptics out there. I wanted to review this from a bloggers point of view and make sure to keep it about the product & not about the face of the company.

kylie cometics (love bite, brown sugar & ginger)

I got three matte lip kits in Love Bite (cool purple), Brown Sugar (warm tan), Ginger (reddish nude)

kylie comsetics (love bite, brown sugar & ginger swatches)


All of the liquid lipsticks have a thin consistency & dry quickly. It also means that you don’t have much time to play around with these until they start to set. The liquid lipsticks are drying on my lips, so you’ll be better off using a lip balm under these. Especially brown sugar because the liquid lipstick started cracking not even 2 minutes into it being dry. Use a lip primer or balm under these.

The lip liners are pleasantly creamy and aren’t drying like the lipsticks.

Pigmentation & Scent

The liquid lipsticks have some amazing pigmentation. The swatches I have above are all one swipe. It has better pigmentation than the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks.

The scent on these is insane. It’s my favorite part about this product. It smells like sugary popsicles & Lip Smackers had a baby. I love it and I’m crazy about the scent. The scent does linger as you wear it throughout the day and shows no signs of fading as time goes on, so if you’re sensitive to scented products these aren’t for you.

Wear Time

The liquid lipsticks have great staying power. As with most liquid lipsticks, they will start to break down if you eat foods that are oily. If you eat something like vinaigrette or pesto, they will wear down. They don’t come of when you drink anything, so unless you’re gonna starve yourself all day for the sake of vanity, you will need to reapply at some point in the day. The lipsticks last longer if you use them over the liners.


Love Bite (A)

Brown Sugar (B-)

Ginger (A)

Because I’m weak I also got 3 lip glosses (please don’t kill me) but this is a review on the matte lip kits not on gloss. I do love the texture of these because they arent sticky.

kylie cosmetics lip gloss (like, literally & exposed)

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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