Beauty Tips & Tricks I’ve Picked Up Over The Years (Part Two)

Part One

Fill & Pluck

I have no idea where I got this trick from, but ever since I picked it up I’ve never done my eyebrows any other way. I started doing my eyebrows when I was 13. I used to get them threaded for a long time, until I got sick of breaking out on my eyebrow and lip area. I did waxing a few times & then I began plucking my own eyebrows. I fill them in with an eyebrow product, get the shape I want & THEN I pluck. It prevents me from over doing my eyebrows.

Popping Vitamins & Drinking Water

I cannot stress enough how important it is to take vitamins. I started taking hair, skin & nails vitamins in June & can tell a difference in the length of my hair & quality of my skin & nails (which used to be brittle & weak) It’s good for your body & makes you look good from the inside out. Please, make sure you drink water. Not only does it benefit your skin to drink water, it also makes your digestive system run smoothly. If you don’t like the taste of water, try those flavor enhancers and it makes drinking water easier, plus they come in so many flavors.

$6 Face Cream ? Say it ain’t so

YUP, I use original Nivea Creme on my face. In the glass jar. I always go back to this cream. I apply it at night & anytime I know that I’m going to use a mattifying foundation. It smells so good & absorbs quickly into the skin. It doesn’t make me break out or leaves me feeling oily. In a pinch, it also works as a great eye makeup remover.

A Burst of Hydration

I’m sure a ton of people know this, but I like to add lip balm under liquid lipsticks. I saw a video by Nicole Guerriero and she used a balm under her liquid lipstick & mentioned that’s how she liked to wear them. The trick to this is that you need to add a THIN layer of balm under. If you put too much, the lipstick won’t dry & will smear off.

Two or More

I’ve been doing this for a few month’s now. I use two setting sprays instead of one. Which is completely extra, but given the fact that I use so much makeup on my face it doesn’t look so crazy. I use mattifying products on my skin that makes it look dry, so if I don’t set my face… I can guarantee that I’ll look insane. The first setting spray I use the Matte Setting Spray from Nyx & after I use the Mario Badescu.

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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