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April Favorites 2016

Another month has come and gone, which means that I’m closer to being off of school for a few weeks until I go back for the summer semester. I’m so not looking forward to taking summer classes. Just the thought of being in a classroom on a sunny day makes me want to cry. I think I hate college more than I hated high school. I’ve been walking around looking like a zombie because I’m too fucking lazy to put on any makeup. I don’t have many products to share this month, but what I have been using I do like.

nyx ultimate palette (warm neutral, open)

The Nyx warm neutral palette is easily one of my favorites from last month. I really like using the mattes for a quick and natural eye look that is really forgiving if I don’t blend as much. The shades I have been using the most are the 2nd & 4th eyeshadows in the second row and the 2nd shade in the last row.

nyx strobe of genius palette (open)


The Nyx Strobe of Genius palette was a surprising find for me from the drugstore. I don’t have too many highlighters from the drugstore that I love, so this was really exciting for me. I love the fact that this palette has different colors and they all look different on the skin. I also love using these as eyeshadows, I mostly use the rose gold in the middle on my eyelid and the cream highlighter in my inner corner.

new mac eyeshadows

I absolutely love M.A.C eyeshadow. I think that they have a nice selection of eyeshadow and you’re bound to find a few that you like. I have been using these the most on the days that I do wear makeup. I mostly have been using the entire second row of my z palette as crease colors. M.A.C lowered their prices to $6 a pan, so you can go crazy without breaking the bank. M.A.C also makes premade palettes if you’re having trouble picking out colors.

abh glow kits (3)

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits are probably my favorite product to come out this year (so far) and I continue to love them. I love using these as eyeshadows, especially on my inner corner. I know that a few more will be coming out this year and I cannot freaking wait. Claudia is always showing us the stuff she’s working on, on snapchat. I have been using the colors sunburst(that glow) and crushed pearl (gleam) on the inner corner.

sheet mask (thumbnail)

I’m so into face masks right now, it’s insane. I bought the face masks at Forever 21 and I did a post on them. I am back to tell you that these are amazing. The masks smell so good and feel spectacular on the skin. I use these when I want to relax and had a stressful day. My favorite one was the vitamin c mask, it left my face so moisturized.

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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