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What’s in My Purse ?

I was actually going to do a video on YouTube about this, but I’m not down to edit 30 minutes+ worth of footage (fuck that) I figured I would do a post on it instead. I carry a medium-sized black leather purse and I always have a few essentials that I always carry around with me. I hate having my bag full of shit I don’t need (like old q-tips, receipts & mint wrappers) so I’m constantly cleaning out my bag because I don’t want to be gross.

purse essentials

  1. Soap and Glory Hand Food (travel size) I don’t know about you, but hands get so dry and rough. My cuticles also get really funky looking if I don’t use hand lotion. I got this at Ulta when I was waiting in line by the little section that always tries to sell you things. It smells like candy and has a thick formula, but absorbs into the skin quickly, so you’re not left with any greasy residue.
  2. Hair Ties (available at any drugstore) I only keep these for an emergency, because if I want to put my hair up in a bun, I have a spin pin for that, I highly recommend spin pins if you have thick and curly hair (like me) because it has a better hold than a hair tie. I use hair ties to put my hair in braids.
  3. Lip Balm (Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy & The Body Shop Honeymania) My lips start to feel like chicharrónes if I don’t use lip balm. My lips get so flaky & crusty, to the point where they start to peel and bleed. Let’s not forget the fact that I love wearing liquid lipsticks and IDK about you, but I like to put a thin layer of balm before I put those on because if I don’t… I’ll regret it later.
  4. Perfumes (constantly changing, always travel sized) I’m so cheap when it comes to perfume, like really really cheap. I always take advantage of the fact the Sephora & Ulta have free perfumes samples when I order off the site. Every now & then Sephora has a bag with a few perfume samples. I’ll have to post a picture on IG of the box I have full of perfume samples. I’m always changing the perfumes I have in my bag, but right now I have a Catharine Malandrino, Derek Lam Rain Day & Victorias Secret Bombshell Forever.
  5. Oil Blotting Sheets (doesn’t matter the brand) I have oily skin, SUPER oily skin. SO oily, the middle east would be jealous. I’m constantly blotting my skin (bc crisco face) and my makeup will start to move around my face, I’ll so greasy & patchy, I love to sport a good cake face every one in awhile.
  6. Pepper Spray (to save myself) I don’t think I’ll ever use this, but just in case there’s ever a time I need to spray a man’s face down in a parking lot or in front of a McDonald’s. This will come in handy because I’m really not trying to die at the hands of someone else. My mom actually got this for one day from a Rite Aid and told me to start carrying it around. Bonus: it comes in a cute pink can.

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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