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Perfect Palette Tag 2

This tag has been floating around le tube for awhile now. If you’ve been watching beauty videos on youtube for a few years (think the last 3-4 years) a tag was going around the beauty community. The perfect palette tag was created and as you could imagine, it had questions that were all about palettes. Now, there is a second edition of that tag going around, so I wanted to do it.

1. Eyeliner, brush or nothing included?

A: Nothing. I hardly ever use the brushes included in the palettes, especially from the drugstore. Drugstore palettes hardly have real brushes, just sponge tips which I hardly use. The only brushes that come in palettes that I think are good, are the brushes that come in Urban Decay & ABH palettes. If not including a brush or eyeliner will lower the price of a palette, I’d rather have that instead.

ABH Eyeshadow Palettes (8 well)

2. Name a palette you have hit pan on.

A: Let’s get real here, I will never in fresh hell hit pan on a single eyeshadow in a palette, but I do have one eyeshadow that I’m getting a decent dent in it. Anonymous from the Urban Decay Vice LTD is the only eyeshadow that I have a significant dip in.

urban Decay Vice LTD Palette

3. Favorite “Naked” palette?

A: When I think of “naked” palette, my mind automatically thinks of this palette. The palette has more warm tones and neutral colors, which I happen to really like. The mattes are of a good variety, which is nice because I don’t have to worry about having to pull in another eyeshadow to complete my look. To be able to make complete eye looks, I need matte eyeshadows, because I hardly ever do eye makeup looks were every eyeshadow in the look is shimmery. Using all shimmer makes the eye makeup muddy and one color. Too Faced did a really good job on this palette. I don’t have the first chocolate bar or the bon bon. Just by looking at photos. I would recommend this getting this palette instead of the other two.

too faced semi sweet chocolate bar palette

4. Favorite Holiday or Limited Edition palette?

A: The Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture Palette is my favorite limited edition palette. It has a perfect mix of shades that can create many looks. It has what I call essential mattes, which are a brow bone (soft peach), transition (morocco), crease (fudge) & definer shade (noir). Fun metallic shades (pink champagne & metallic) and pops of color (heirloom & azure) If ABH re-released this palette again, it would be more popular the second round. I can’t wait to see what other palette Claudia (or Norvina, as some of you may know her) put together, because she always has some great ideas. I follow her on snapchat and she shows us what goes on behind the scenes.

ABH World Traveler Shadow Couture Palette
5. Name a palette you would repurchase or wish you had a back up of (if it’s no longer available ?)

A: I don’t wish I had a back up of this p[alette, because I’ll probably never run out of any eyeshadow palette. I totally think that Lorac should have made this palette a part of their core line. It has so many options for looks. You can go soft glam, do an all matte look or a colorful smokey eye. The fact that it has an equal amounts of matte and the shimmers have varying degrees of intensity. I think that there are some unique colors in this palette. Not colors that you would typically find in a brands line. I just really want Lorac to come out with a third pro palette.

Lorac Mega Pro 2 Palette (overview)

6. Name a shade you wish were sold individually.

A: Treasure & Deep Purple from the ABH Self Made palette should definitely be permanent. I love how bright treasure makes my eyes look. Deep Purple is such a fun color on the lower lash line & eyelid. ABH has a habit of making awesome shades that are exclusive to palettes. My biggest qualm about this particular palette is that there wan’t enough matte eyeshadows.

abh self made eyeshadow palette (open)
7. Wild Card Question: Pick a question from the original Tag to answer.

A: I picked the palette that was my biggest regret. I regret buying the Morphe 35n palette. Don’t get me wrong, I have some colors that in this palette that I really like because they’re smooth and pigmented. One of Morphe’s biggest problems is that their big palettes have inconsistent quality. Most of these look the same on the eye, so you can’t achieve a wide range of looks. Some of the eyeshadows are buttery & there are some that are chalky. I do not think this palette is worth the money. Even though I didn’t sell my soul to the devil to pay for this, I still spent money on it. I don’t care if I spend $15 or $5000, if I buy something it better be good. If you’re interested in buying Morphe eyeshadows, just get some of their singles. I find that those are better quality than the palettes.

Morphe 35n Palette
8. Name the palette you would recommend to a friend

A: I know that this isn’t a palette that is already made. If it is a first time someone is buying ABH eyeshadows & they were going to pick 8, I would recommend these colors. It has those essential mattes and different undertones, so you could get a variety of looks out of these. Some of these eyeshadows could double as highlighters & eyeliner, so you really do get the bang out of your buck.

In this Palette

First Row L-R

  • Bling (soft white shimmer, satin)
  • Glisten (metallic golden beige, metallic)
  • Pink Champagne (glitter pink, titanium)
  • Truffle (green brown, titanium)

Second Row L-R

  • Burnt Orange (light orange, ultra-matte)
  • Ash Brown (cool medium brown, ultra-matte)
  • Hot Chocolate (warm deep brown, ultra matte)
  • Noir (carbon black, ultra-matte)


anastasia beverly hills eye shadow palette (custom)

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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