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What’s in My Inglot Palette (updated, 2)

I mentioned in a post a long time ago that I would be doing an update on my Inglot eyeshadows. I got a few more over the holidays and decided to rearrange the colors and take out a few. I didn’t include swatches this time around because my old posts have swatches & you can always go back to look at those. If you do want swatches, just let me know. It wouldn’t be any trouble to post them.

Each Inglot eyeshadow is $7 and you can get them at any Macy’s that sells Inglot, Inglot stores, or Macy’s.com. I store all of my single eyeshadows in z-palettes and each large z-palette holds 18 eyeshadows. I have been using Inglot eyeshadows since I was in high school & I highly recommend them, they have a lot of different finishes & colors. Compared to most high-end brands, Inglot eyeshadows are inexpensive and of high quality. If you’re REALLY patient, you can wait until black friday weekend were they have 20-30% off all of their products (which is where I got them from) I get my z-palettes from ulta.com. I get points for buying them there, so I’d rather do that 🙂

Inglot Palette (3, warms)

  • 328 (pink beige matte)
  • 45 (light yellow gold frost)
  • 453 (bright white w/ silver pearl)
  • 397 (pink frost)
  • 11 (light tan beige shimmer)
  • 431(light pink pearl)
  • 335 (red brown matte)
  • 10 (champagne orange shimmer)
  • 407 (peach gold shimmer)
  • 160 (warm mauve shimmer)
  • 383 (bright orange matte)
  • 461 (dark tan w/ floating gold pearl)
  • 327 (neutral brown matte)
  • 37 (plum w/ intense gold pearl)
  • 337 (light tan matte)
  • 409 (neutral dark bronze shimmer)
  • 607 (cranberry red shimmer)
  • 405 (dark orange copper shimmer)

Inglot Palette (2, cool)

  • 354 (shell pink matte)
  • 35(neutral white shimmer)
  • 463 (light yellow beige matte w/ floating gold pearl)
  • 318 (white matte)
  • 344 (rosey pink matte)
  • 29 (white w/ pink shift)
  • 399 (darkened pink pearl)
  • 402 (neutral taupe shimmer)
  • 360 (mid-tone grey brown)
  • 452 (crushed plum shimmer)
  • 378 (cool purple toned brown matte)
  • 154 (warm beiege frost)
  • 326 (cool mid-tone brown matte)
  • 434 (dark grey shimmer)
  • 457 (darkened tan w/ floating gold pearl)
  • 423 (dark brown-purple shimmer)
  • 329 (neutral dark brown matte)
  • 49 (golden beige shine)

Let me know if you want swatches of the eyeshadows. Have a great Monday 🙂

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme


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