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Ever since I got the Morphe 35n palette, I had been searching around the web, watching & reading reviews on Morphe single eyeshadows. Most of the reviews were stating that the singles had a better quality than the palettes, so I decided to pick up a good amount of eyeshadows in a good variety of colors, just so I can see if the is a variation in the quality within the single eyeshdows. I find that with their 35 palettes, the quality is inconsistent within the palette. Some of the eyeshadows are nice and some are powdery or chalky.

I picked up 28 eyeshadows. The Z-Palette I have only held 27 eyeshadows, so there is a eyeshadow that has no home 🙁 Some of the eyeshadows I got are colors that are a little bit out of my comfort zone.

Available at

Cost: $2.29 each (use the code ADOPTLOVE, to contribute to a non-profit animal shelter)

Quality: I think the eyeshadows are hit & miss. Most of them are good & some of them are okay… they just require more work to build up. I will be giving each eyeshadow a quick description and letter grade. This is a situation where you get what you pay for. I’m not saying that these are amazing quality, because they aren’t. I do think that some of these eyeshadows are fair quality, but they aren’t what people on YouTube hyped them up to be.

Texture: Each eyeshadow has a soft texture, a few of the mattes have  powdery-ness and the more metallic finishes can crumble during application with a brush. Swatching these are a huge nightmare because when I swatched them they came off chunky on my fingers.

Wear Time: As I have stated before, I never test out eyeshadow without wearing a primer. I have oily eyelids, so nothing really stays on for more than 2-3 hours until creasing starts to happen. With proper prep (primer, base, or both) these last 6-7 hours before I start to see fading. Nothing major they just aren’t as intense as they were when I first applied them.

morphe single eyeshadows (names)

The Eyeshadows 

  1. Crystal (light pearl beige, B)
  2. Pretty in Pink (matte bubble gum, C+)
  3. Wink for Pink (shimmering pink, A-)
  4. Glamourous (frosty lavender, C-)
  5. Brick (soft red matte, B-)
  6. Ice (oyster pink, B)
  7. Dazzling (orange pearl, B+)
  8. Glisten (satin beige, B)
  9. Pearl (shimmery white, A)
  10. Spice (matte orange, A+)
  11. Mysterious (foiled copper, A-)
  12. Rosewood (matte raspberry, B+)
  13. Birthday Suit (matte neutral beige, A)
  14. Bronzed Ivy (brown w/ green shift, C+)
  15. Cream Puff (matte cream, B+)
  16. Pink Moscato (shimmery pink beige, A+)
  17. Deep Skin (matte rose brown, B-)
  18. Burlesque (foiled red brown, B)
  19. Deep Cocoa (matte purple brown, A)
  20. Trouble (cool matte brown, A)
  21. Caffe Macchiato (orange brown w/ golf flecks, B-)
  22. Golden Glory (orange gold, A-)
  23. Marbleized (cool bronze, A+)
  24. Coal (soft matte black, C+)
  25. Midnight Kiss (dark purple shimmer, A)
  26. Starlight (yellow gold, B)
  27. Nuts For You (matte neutral brown, B+)


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My Favorites

  1. Glisten
  2. Deep Skin
  3. Mysterious (dupe for M.A.C Coppering)
  4. Pink Moscato
  5. Spice
  6. Wink For Pink
  7. Cream Puff
  8. Nuts For You
  9. Midnight Kiss
  10. Crystal


I think that some of the mattes require to be built up, which will take extra effort to get that intensity. Glamorous is a little too frosty for my liking, I think the level of frostiness makes the eyeshadow look cheap. Shades like Spice & Marbleized really knocked my socks off, they’re smooth and have great pigmentation. I feel like these eyeshadows require an opaque base to show up with intensity.

I always use an opaque base with majority of the eyeshadows that I wear, but I don’t think I could get away with NOT using one with Morphe eyeshadows. Morphe can do an okay eyeshadow, they have a ton of other colors and they’re affordable. A lot of the eyeshadows fell in the middle on the grade letter scale, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s just an indicator of how it worked on my eyes. I will end this review writing this: Take every review with a grain of salt, every review you watch/read is based on personal experience.

What did/didn’t work for me might work for you 🙂 I did buy all of these eyeshadows myself. Morphe has no idea who I am and they didn’t send me any of these products. The code is not mine, I’m not making any money by writing this review. I think that for what you’re paying for, Morphe eyeshadows are good & would recommend that you try them out. Especially if you’re on a budget and want to try different colors.

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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4 thoughts on “Review | Morphe Brushes Single Eyeshadows”

    1. ColourPop eyeshadows are more of a cream to powder hybrid eyeshadow. Morphe is a standard powder eyeshadow that you can use with a regular brush. I think that ColourPop eyeshadows look the best with fingers, I don’t like applying eyeshadows with my fingers. If you know that you’re not going to use the CP shadows often don’t buy them. They start to dry out after a few months. If you want more shadow color variety, go with Morphe.

  1. Wow thanks so much for this review I’m another black just trying to see which colors look good so thank you!!!

    1. Your welcome love, I know it’s harder to see what colors would flatter you when you have deeper skin. I’m so happy that my review helped you. Have a blessed day.

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