Review: BH Cosmetics + Carli Bybel Palette

UPDATE 6/17/17: The review on the Carli Bybel deluxe palette is up on my blog, which you can find here

I was originally supposed to do this review when this product came out… but since it sold out faster than Kylie Jenner’s lip kit aaaaand it was out of stock for over a month, I really couldn’t do a review. Just in case you don’t watch a lot of the YouTube beauty community, Carli Bybel is a woman who makes beauty videos on YouTube. She’s really popular and makes great makeup videos (I’m a big fan of the looks she does) she had announced a few months ago that she created a palette with bhcosmetics.

I like Carli and I loved the palette. I wanted to show my support to a woman I believe works hard at what she does. A quality that I happen to appreciate. When the palette finally came back in stock, I ordered one. I’m really excited to be sharing my thoughts with all of you.

This is the front of the palette. It has a quilted design. It has a bridal feel to me, most likely because of the white packaging.

carli bybel palette (front)

Here is the back (this palette is cruelty free)

carli bybel palette (back)

When you open it, under the mirror there is a quote, which I think is something that Carli mentioned she has lived by for years. The inside has stripes that go all of the way down the entire palette.

carli bybel palette (quote)

As you can see there is a mix of 10 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters.

carli bybel palette (1)

carli bybel palette (2)

Here are the swatches:

carli bybel palette (row 1 eyeshadow swatches)

The first row has all matte shades, one cream and three purple toned colors (2 mid-tones & a dark plum). The second eyeshadow in the first row is a pearly pink

carli bybel palette (row 2 eyeshadow swatches)

The second row is all shimmers. You get 2 golds, a bronze, a copper & a dark satin finish brown.

carli bybel palette (highlighter swatches)

The last row contains a light pink, champagne, dark gold and orange copper.

Cost: 12.50 available at, which you can find here


This is my first experience trying any bhcosmetics eyeshadows. Most of the eyeshadows have good texture & pigment. The last eyeshadow in the second row was a real disappointment, it was not showing up on my eye (even over a base). The finish makes it hard to get a solid pigmentation, it was patchy and had a good amount of fallout. I think they should have switched it out to either a black or brown matte finish eyeshadow. It would have really been a good eyeshadow to put in there because you could create a bigger variety of looks.

The highlighters are intense, so you do have to be light handed with them. I personally love a intense highlighted look, but I’m aware that’s not everyone’s thing. The last highlighter has a metallic finish, I don’t see that working as a highlighter unless you have deep skin (really dark cocoa colored skin) I think that if you’re a POC that is M.A.C NC45 and up, you also have to be careful with the first two highlighters, because it may look a bit ashy.

A weird thing (I don’t really know if this is just me) but the product itself has a intense chemical smell. It threw me off the first time I used it. Tell me if this is also the case with your palette.

Grade: B

Tell me your favorite color combinations using this palette. Keep an eye out for a EOTD using this palette 🙂

♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme

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3 thoughts on “Review: BH Cosmetics + Carli Bybel Palette”

  1. The smell is so strange! I find it to be almost… like watermelon? Is that just me? A chemical watermelon…

  2. Mine also smells, I am glad you mentioned it, since no one else has. I really wish I could find out if their palettes smell too, but I only ordered one.

    1. I really don’t understand how no one else has mentioned it, because when you open it for the first time the smell is SO strong. When I use the mirror I can smell the palette. I’m sure it’s in the palettes that other people have because my friend has it & mentioned the smell.

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