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Review: Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes (part two)

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The Oh So Special Palette (soft pinks and dark colors)

This palette is a really good alternative for the Urban Decay Naked 3. I think that the pinks are the “rosy” part of the palette and you have a good variety of matte mid tone and dark shades. Grade: A

sleek eyeshadow palette oh so special names

First Row L-R

  • Bow- Pink White
  • Organza- Metallic Light Pink
  • Ribbon- Matte Bubblegum Pink
  • Gift Basket- Warm Shimmery Beige
  • Glitz- Blue Toned Grey
  • Celebrate- Glittery Blackened Purple

Second Row L-R

  • Pamper- Light Matte Pink
  • Gateau- Metallic Pink w/ Gold Duochrome
  • The Mail- Matte Neutral Light Brown
  • Boxed- Neutral Dark Brown
  • Wrapped Up- Purple Brown
  • Noir- Matte Black ( side note: All of the matte blacks in the Sleek palettes are really pigmented)
sleek eyeshadow palette swatches oh so special
Swatches, no primer

The Bad Girl Palette (smokey dark colors)

This is my least favorite palette. I feel as though the colors are too similar and you aren’t able to get a variety of looks. The quality is wonderful, but the color scheme is meh. Grade: B+

sleek bad girl eyeshadow palette names

First Row L-R

  • Innocence- Frosty White
  • Gullible- Frosty Off White
  • Blade- Metallic Silver
  • Gunmetal- Darker Version of Blade
  • Underground- Dark Satin Grey
  • Noir- Dark Grey (borderline black)

Second Row L-R

  • Intoxicated- Frosty Greyish Green
  • Envy- Shimmery Forest Green
  • Obnoxious- Matte Cobalt
  • Abyss- Satin Navy
  • Twilight- Shimmmery Purple with slightly Blue Undertones
  • Rebel- Matte Warm Purple
sleek bad girl eyeshadow palette swatches
Swatches, no primer

The Storm Palette (metallic colors and essential mattes)

My favorite palette out of all the Sleek palettes. I like a super metallic finish from my eyeshadows. One of the downsides of the palettes is because of the lack of mattes, it is hard to create a look with some dimension. I think that using metallic shadows in one eyeshadow look can turn muddy. Grade: A-

sleek storm eyeshadow palette names

First Row L-R

  • Sand Storm- Light Metallic Gold
  • Snow Storm- Frosty Light Beige
  • Calm Before the Storm- Matte Warm Taupe
  • Thunder Storm- Metallic Gold with a slightly green undertone
  • Perfect Storm- Metallic Pink
  • Firestorm- Plum

Second Row L-R

  • Dust Storm- Shimmery Red Brown
  • Gathering Storm- Grey Blue
  • Storm Cloud- Dark Moss Green
  • Electric Storm- Purple Blue
  • Eye of The Storm- Matte Brown
  • Blackout- Dark Matte Black
sleek eyeshadow palette storm swatches
Swatches, no primer


If you would like to see a look with any of the palettes I have reviewed please leave them in the comments.


♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme


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