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Review: Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes (part three)

Part One, Part Two

The Vintage Romance Palette (warm golds and plums)

This palette is gorgeous. The textures are smooth (even the mattes which have a tendency to be patchy in the Sleek palettes) and staying power is great. Grade: A

sleek vintage romance palette eyeshadow names

First Row L-R

  • Pretty in Paris- Metallic Silver (dupe for Urban Decay Shellshock)
  • Meet in Madrid- Bright Gold
  • Court in Cannes- Gold with Orange undertones
  • Lust in LA- Warm Bronze
  • Romance in Rome- Blue with Purple Shimmer
  • Propose in Prague- Matte Pink Brown

Second Row L-R

  • A Vow in Venice- Satin Plum
  • Marry in Monte Carlo- Frosty Fuchsia
  • Honeymoon in Hollywood- Matte Plum with Gold Glitter
  • Bliss in Barcelona- Bright Purple
  • Forever in Florence- Satin Dark Purple
  • Love in London-Matte Black with Silver Glitter (dupe for m.a.c black tied)
sleek vintage romance eyeshadow palette swatches
Swatches, no primer


The Garden of Eden Palette (Mauves and Greens)

This palette is beautiful. The greens are actually my favorite part of this entire palette. I actually have an EOTD with this palette coming in a few days. Grade: A+

sleek garden of eden eyeshadow palette names


First Row L-R

  • Gates of Eden- Coppery Gold
  • Eve’s Kiss-Purple Pink
  • Paradise on Earth- Metallic Mauve
  • Python- Metallic Brown with Rose Undertones
  • Forbidden- Purple Brown with Gold Glitter
  • Flora- Warm Matte

Second Row L-R

  • Entwined- Matte Neutral Brown with Gold Glitter
  • Adam’s Apple- Matte Light Green
  • Fig- Metallic Yellow Green
  • Evergreen- Mint Metallic Green
  • Fauna- Greyish Green
  • Tree of Life- Matte Pine Green
sleek garden of eden eyeshadow palette swatches
Swatches, no primer

The Sunset Palette (copper and pink palette)

Like the Bad Girl Palette(which is reviewed on part two) the colors are extremely similar to each other. The majority of the eyeshadow(minus the matte black) are shimmery/metallic finishes. Grade: B+


  1. is a matte black
  2. is a metallic red
  3. is a metallic cranberry
  4. is a metallic orange
  5. is light yellow gold
  6. is a bright bluje
  7. is a dark plum
  8. is a slightly darker version of #2
  9. is a metallic burnt orange
  10. is a champagne orange
  11. is duochrome pinked gold
  12. is metallic pink


sleek sunset eyeshadow palette swatches
Swatches, no primer

If you are interested in seeing any of the palettes in a eye look, please leave them down below. Links for the other reviews are at the top of this post.


♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme


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