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Review: Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes (part one)

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SO, recently I have been shopping my stash and I found these Sleek palettes that I had completely forgot about. I decided to do a review on these palettes because I know that Sleek now ships to the United States. Personally I have never ordered through the Sleek website, so I don’t know how is their customer service. I ordered all of these palettes through Amazon and the seller I bought these from no longer carries these palettes through their store. Sleek eyeshadows palettes are still sold on Amazon.

On to the review:

The Ultra Mattes V2 (dark matte eyeshadows)

This palette has the best matte eyeshadows out of all the sleek palettes I own. The consistencies are smooth, but a little bit powdery. Grade: A

sleek ultra matte v2 eyeshadow names


First Row L-R

  • Orbit- Dark Teal
  • Ink- Navy
  • Highness- Bright Purple
  • Noir- Greyish Black
  • Dune- Vanilla cream
  • Pillow Talk- stark white

Second Row L-R

  • Thunder- Mid-tone Grey
  • Maple- Reddish Brown
  • Flesh- Light Peachy Brown
  • Paper Bag- Neutral Dark Brown
  • Villan- Purple with a hint of Blue
  • Fern- Dark Green
sleek eyeshadow palette ulta matte v2 swatches
swatches, no primer

The Acid Palette (bright color palette)

This one is the hardest to work with. The really neon colors are sheer and need to be put over a tacky base ( Nyx Milk) to get them to match the colors in the pan. the colors are spectacular to look at, but will take some work to build up. Grade: C-

sleek acid palette open and numbered

  1. is a Fuchsia with fine purple shimmer
  2. is a Matte white (very chalky)
  3. is a neon yellow
  4. is a neon orange
  5. is a mid-tone frosty blue
  6. is a blue with silver shimmer (the eyeshadow is crumbly)
  7. is a matte purple
  8. is a semi-bright earthy green
  9. is a neon pink (most pigmented bright eyeshadow)
  10. is a bright green
  11. is a steel grey
  12. is a matte black

sleek eyeshadow palette acid swatches

The Ultra Mattes V1 palette (pastel bright)

This palette is all bright colors, but unlike the acid palette these colors look good alone without a base. A good base would improve the opacity of the eyeshadows. Grade: C+

sleek ultra matte v1 eyeshadow names


First Row L-R

  • Chill- Pastel sky blue
  • Pout- Bright candy pink
  • Sugarlite- Bright purple
  • Dragon Fly- Green with the slightest hint of blue
  • Pucker- Darker version of pout
  • Bamm!- Primary yellow

Second Row L-R

  • Cricket- Muted green
  • Bolt- Cyan blue
  • Strike- Creamsicle orange
  • Floss- Light dusty pink
  • Crete- Cream Grey
  • Pow!- White

sleek eyeshadow palette ultra matte v1 swatches

If you would like to see a look with any of the palettes I have reviewed please leave them in the comments.


♥XOXO♥, Crystal Emme


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